Children, parents and loved ones safety control

Smart watches for children

You can independently buy watches for children and adapt them to Papa Locator system. We work with enormous(huge, vast) number of producers from Russia, China, Europe and USA. Watches will become complete GPS/GLONASS monitoring device with possibility of communicating, track record, control of areas and timetables.


Smart watches for adults

We also support vast number of mostly popular models of watches for adults and older people. Monitor well-being of your parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. Come to help them timely, if necessary.



Animals trackers

Be sure, that your beloved four-legged friends are safe.
Even if your pet run away – you will easily see, there it is, find and return it.


Use of smartphone as tracker

If you do not have watches – just use phone with downloaded PapaLocator Tracker as software tracker. We have implemented unique algorithm work of the app, which almost doesn’t consume phone battery pack and minimally spend charge


How it works


Look for location of your children, another close person or pet in real time. You can also view location history as a track over time and coordinate – where loved ones were in morning, which road went to school, if he cross the road in the wrong place.



Put on map list of allowed and forbidden places for visiting. Entry and exit from this area will come as notification. You will not miss, when child comes to school and gone from grandparents. Or if he suddenly went for a walk beyond the limit area, hazardous construction.  



Most smartwatches have an SOS button for emergency calls to parents or other close people in case of emergency. You can remotely set a list of numbers to which the SOS alert notification will come. In case of pressinf SOS button on the watch, you will immediately receive an alert or a call to your phone that your loved one is in trouble!


Call directly to the watch and listen to the sounds around the watches – find out what is happening near the child and if there is any danger. The child may be offended, dogs may bark at him, he will be scared – but you are always almost there and will come to help in necessary time.     


Send full messages to your watch or application: ask him to come home, to buy bread on the way home or to warn about rain.  



Unique function, which only we have!
Make timetables for every area, according to which the system should monitor your loved ones. For example, your child goes on Wednesdays and Fridays to music school, and on Saturdays to his grandmother. PapaLocator will also remind you that it’s time to go to the dining room, get together in the sports section, and leave home to go to school.


The experimental function. PapaLocator determines the names of the nearest wi-fi points and use them to correct indoor coordinates even when there is no GPS signal. For example, PapaLocator will determine that the child is in the music class inside the school, rather than walking along the corridors.   


Another unique feature, which only we have! Take your GPS watch with you on a trip or install the app. Take pictures, shoot videos, relax – PapaLocator will record the track of all your trips. Save your track in GPX format and attach holiday photos to it in any editor – for example, Adobe Lightroom. Enjoy the memories of places you haму visited!

Subscription plans

You can use the Basic Subscription Plan absolutely free, but all the functionality will be revealed when you subscribe to the Premium Plan.

Base plan



  • Devices — maximum 2
  • Geozones — maximum 2
  • Timetibles — maximum 2
  • History — 3 days
  • Saving tracks in GPX format — no
premium plan

$3 $0


  • Devices — unlimited
  • Geozones — unlimited
  • Timetables — unlimited
  • History — unlimited
  • Saving tracks in GPS format — yes

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